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Did Vista Mess Up My Old Multi-session Dvd?



I wanted to use Explorer to browse one of the multi-session DVDs I burned with Easy CD Creator 6 (on my old XP machine) and Vista started to work and to work and finally opened the "drag and drop window" from Explorer.


I did, however, see nothing of my previously burned files.


So I opened the DVD in Easy Media Creator 10 and tried the "import previous session" function, but only got an error message that the import failed (no further details)


When I look at the contents of the DVD in Creator, there are 2 sessions. The first 1.8 Gb, the second 0 kb.


It looks like Vista "was clever" and prepared a new session without being asked to.

Is there any way I could get back my data from the first session? (Not necessarily on the DVD. I'd be just as happy to copy all data to the hard drive and trash the corrupted DVD.)


I'm using EMC 10XE on VIsta Home Premium SP1.


PS... Also, does somebody know of a link to how I can de-activate this "userfriendly function" in Vista, so I get a "no media" error like I used to get in XP when I try to use Explorer to open a writable DVD that hasn't been finalized?

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I can’t really follow what you are trying to say because much of it isn’t even possible…


If you made a DVD in V6 and left it open, it is open and waiting to be written to or read from. XP or Vista have nothing to do about it.


Generally speaking, you cannot mix and match writing systems. That is you cant start a session in Roxio Classic and then use XP or Vista or some other Authoring program.


Now if you go back before V6, there was an Active Session system where only your Active Session was visible… It resulted in a fair number of lost data cases… Since V6 it was dropped and no one misses it!


If you used packet writing (Drag to Disc in V6) then there could be a problem as many lose data with that writing system.


About all you can do at this point is try some recovery program like CD Roller or ISO Buster.


I am curious so please keep us informed of your progress.


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