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Subsequent Burns Won't Burn



I burnt a file to a bluray disc. Before the burn EMC10 had selected the option to leave the disc open for subsequent burns. I used that option. With the next subsequent burn EMC told me that the disc wasn't blank and refused to burn to it. How do I overcome this?

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Beats me… Never seen a BD Burner!


Could be, as you suggested, it just takes time to read. After the Pop Up, the import button should go active.


Couple of things to know about Classic and Sessions. Always double check the Read Only box before burning to make sure it did not somehow get checked! Once a Session disc is closed it is forever! (RE can be erase and let you start again)


You can not open a Saved Project in Classic and use a Session Disc. Projects always require a new disc.


On CD's there was a 99 Session limit – but that was un-obtainable because it would have taken 1,000 Mb of space due to overhead. Hard to do with a 700 Mb disc…


I have never seen anything about DVD's or BD's but I am assuming the mechanics do not change based on disc size. Keep track of the number of sessions you write (I use a Post It in the case) and get cautious as you near the 99 mark.


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It isn’t blank – you have to import the previous sessions.


In Creator Classic, look under Help – Contents – Working with Data discs – Adding data to an appendable disc.


I recommend you practice with some RE or even a CD-RW till you get the hang of how it works.

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It isn’t blank – you have to import the previous sessions.


Thanks Jim. I had already tried that, however, in Classic, the import data icon is grayed out.

Yet in EMC10 the disc is shown in the bottom left hand corner as appendable.


Whoa, while I was writing this, a dialog came up in EMC10, asking me if I wanted to load the previous session. The previous session is now loaded and I am burning. This leads to questions:

1) Why did EMC10 wait so long to ask? Is that normal with bluray?

2) Why no way (as far as I can see) to load the previous session manually in EMC10?

3) Why was the icon grayed out in Classic?

I'm stumped - but then again, I'm easily stumped.

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