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Cd Spin Doctor Is Not Dividing Tracks Properly?



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This is a characteristic of the application. There is a setting you can change under Preferences, Auto Capture....you can set it to Standard/Analog or Sensitive/Digital. This will change how sensitive the track defining feature is while scanning for tracks. You can further customize this to suit your needs. But I must warn you it's never going to be fool proof. I've been working with my music library of 8000+ songs to "clean it up" and identify old tracks. For the most part the auto define works, but for lower quality recordings that have background noise, it's much less helpful. You can manually define tracks if you must. It's most time consuming but can be more accurate. Especially since that app seems to crash when you are playing through a long track....


See my latest post regarding other known issues with this app. We should all pound roxio for releasing such an unstable app!!!

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