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Dell Dla Patch: D2d3290.exe Need Silent Installation





The company I work for has tasked me in pushing this with SMS across our network. The problem is, however that DOS is not giving me any switches and I cannot create an answer file for this patch. I have searched "Google" and "Roxio" for a silent install of this specific fix and I have found nothing.


Can you guys provide a patch with switches to allow me to create a answer file, some form of silent install, or some other step that would make this application involve 0 user interaction?

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This is the patch for Dell customers where a DLA driver is blocked in Vista. See the pinned post at the top of this forum. It has nothing to do with the Creator 2009 forum where you posted your message.


There is no silent install for it that I know of.


If you are needing it pushed across a company network you should speak with the same Volume Licensing people at Roxio who oversaw the initial installation across your network of the Roxio software you are now trying to patch.


If you do not have the original installation sanctioned and licensed by Roxio, then what you are now trying to do would be illegal.

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