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Garbled Audio, Good Video Burning Movie To Dvd

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I used to get great video and audio burning movies to DVD. Now the video is fine, but audio is garbled, just noise. I tried extracting the audio and burned it to a CD fine. Trying to burn the audio to a DVD wouldn't work, message said to insert a recordable CD.

Do you suppose my internal DVD burner is at fault? Hate to replace it in a 5 year old Dell. By the way, I am using an old version of VideoWave Movie CReator, 1.6 I think.


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I am having the same problem.


Did anyone ever come up with a solution to the static in the audio when you use the Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator to create a movie for the DVD?


I can look at the parts in the editor, but when I try to render the movie file, the resultant MPG file has all static in the audio track. (Video is fine).






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