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Disc Cover 2 Re & Epson R220



I want to print ink jet labels from Disc Cover 2 RE onto an EPSON R220 printer using Epson's software. I used to be able to do it with no problem until i upgraded to Leopard. Epson has been no help so I upgraded to Toast 10 thinking it would work better.


The printer can print paper documents. I have not successfully printed labels on CD/DVD printable disks. Disc Cover 2 RE finds the printer and attempts to print, but the printer simply rejects the CD/DVD tray. I have tried a number of settings. Would prefer ink jet printing of labels to LightScribe, but .....


Any suggestions or fixes?

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In Page Setup choose A4 as the Paper Size. It should work.


I reinstalled the drivers following EPSON suggestion of resetting the printing system. EPSON's software did not work, but Disc Cover 2 did. Used the following settings:


Output: Direct to CD/DVD

Tray Type: Epson Tray Type 2 (CD Tray)

Printer: Epson Stylus Pro R220


Took all other defaults.


Worked like EPSON's software did before Leopard. Well, much nicer looking cover.


I will not take the printer to the driveway now and run over it with the Jeep as planned.

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