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Setting Capture Length



Using Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD program, when I click on Plug and Burn, the only choices it lets me pick for Quality is 1 hour and 1:30 hours. The 2 hour button is greyed out. Also, below the capture button, the Set Capture Length is also greyed out.


I have some videos that are 1:49 and 2 hours in length. Why can't I pick the 2 hour option? Is there something else I need to do to activate this option or is my program corrupt?

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Save yourself the eventual grief and forget P&B even exists...


Use Capture then edit if needed and go to MyDVD to burn.


Do your captures at DV or HQ and keep your output at HQ.


A DVD holds about 1 hour of HQ video. Try to squeeze more on and quality goes down the tubes.


Browse through some of the other posts here and you will see this is common advice.


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