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Tivo Transfer Limits Size Of Download To 3.9 Gb



I have no problem with downloading HD content from my TiVo HD to the Mac using TiVo transfer; however the size of my files are 3.9 GB. When I play the recording on my Mac, I find that only the first portion of the movie or recording has actually been downloaded. : :huh: :


Any ideas? I checked and could not find anything that would indicate why the size of the download is limited and this has happened on every recording I downloaded.



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Hi Gaper1,


I think I figured out the problem. I was using an external hard drive which was formatted in FAT32 format. I was not aware the the file size is limited to 4 GB on a FAT32 system. Last night I successfully transferred 12 GB video recordings from my TiVo HD to the Mac after formatting the external hard drive.


To answer your question which in a way led me to think of the potential limitation of the file size, I had no recordings that were smaller than 4 GB.




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