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Cant Update Toast 10


I just installed toast 10 in my imac. I got a message that an update was available. I downloaded the huge update file but now I can't update my installation. I'm fairly new to the mac, so perhaps i'm doing something wrong. Here is what i'm doing:


The huge update file ended up in my downloads folder

I double clicked on the downloaded update called "Toast 10 Titanium Updater" (408MB)

This opened a new window showing a Toast 10 titanium folder, and arrow pointing to the right to the "Applications" folder, anda documentation folder.


I dragged the Toast 10 Titanium folder inside this window to the applications folder in the same window.


(is this the proper procedure to apply the update??)


When i do this i get an error message saying "a newer item named "toast 10 Titanium" already exists in this location. Do you want to replace...?


I hit the "replace" button


Then i get another error:


"The operation cannot be completed because you not have sufficient privileges for some of the items"


What am I doing wrong?


Thank you.





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As you see, the download is a complete replacement of the original Toast 10 folder you installed. What I suggest is moving the original one to the Trash and then dragging the new one just as you were trying to do. Once you're sure that the applications in the newly installed Toast 10 folder are launching okay (you need to launch Toast 10 before any of the others) you can empty the trash to remove the older versions.


The update replaces everything included with Toast 10 standard. If you bought Toast 10 Pro or the optional Blu-Ray plugin don't put those extras in the trash.

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