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Audio - No Meter Activity - Usb 2861



Hi Audio Users, (I'm not using Video. (Say Sorry)).


Below is my book report to fixing my problem with the USB 2861 device not recording.


So I have this old big audio tape cassette library. I want to be able to listen to it on my iPhone. The question is how do I convert it. So I find some software / hardware that will put it into a wav format and then into a iPhone format. (Audacity, Great product, it's free / MUXBOX, not so great) It works good, but the books take up about 1/4 to 1/2 Gig each. (You know Stephen King books are sold by the pound, just kidding but they are long).


Anyway getting to the point, I see this Roxio Easy VHS to DVD on the shelf last week at Best Buy and think “Oh Roxio” I’ve used their product and liked it. So I dish out some $60 bucks and give it a test run.


First, I didn’t think the software install would ever finish. So being the Tech Person I am with 20 years + fixing computers. I think I will let the install run. If you know AS400 you know waiting. So I go out to dinner with my wife. Sure enough when I come back it’s all done. Cool!


Now the fun starts. I can’t get any Audio at all. So I play with all the settings. Both Win Vista sound and Roxio. Nothing works.


My first thought at this point is I have a defective USB 2861 device. But I think I’ll call Roxio Tech Support. Well as most of you know this didn’t work. So I opened a trouble ticket and wanted on their snail method of repair.


In the ticket I out lined my problem, my software and my hardware.


The next day I got a reply asking me “what was my problem? What software was I using? And what hardware was I using”?


So I sent them the information again and a bitch slap for wasting my time.


At this point Roxio Tech Support is no support!


At the same time I opened the ticket, I research this form and saw there was a service pack and some updates. So I went through all the hoops of their installation and hey it still doesn’t work.


On the 3rd day I went back to the store and dished another $60 buck for a second Easy VHS to DVD. I brought it home and plug in the USB 2861. It worked! I now am able to record.


My summery to any one giving this a test run for the first time on Windows Vista.


1 – Give the install as much time as it takes. If this means over night then let it run. Don’t interrupt or press it to work faster. If it fails it will let you know. For the longest time there was no evidence it was working. But it was!


2 – After the installation is complete install the service packs and all updates.


3 - Run Easy VHS to DVD and make sure the USB 2861 is selected as your recording device.


4 - Go to the bottom right hand corner where the clock is. It is called the tool trey, in their, find the speaker icon. Right click on it and in the drop down menu select the Recording Device.


You should see the USB 2861 with a green check. On the right there is a bar graph. If your audio device is playing you will see this moving up and down. If you don’t have activities then select the Capture Audio from Sound Card or the Digitize LPs to Tapes and select the USB 2861 and start a recording. This will load the driver and you will now have Meter activity.


5 - Record something; you should have meter activity now. If you don't then you may have a defective device.


6 - I found when I recorded I did not hear any Audio but I did have meter activity.


7 - Play back your recording. You should hear audio when you play it back.


Here is a tip for all you Audio users. You can do like I did, pack up the USB 2861 device and return it for those big bucks. Then plug your Red & White composite line from your Tape Deck into the Mic jack on your sound card. Now you can monitor your recording as you go. It works way better than the 2861 USB.


I hope this helps.

Gary Woods

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