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Media Access Key Not Recognized, Apple Computer



Hello everyone,


This issue regards TiVo transfer and Tivo Video Player on an eMac running 10.4.11 Mac OS. I transferred a movie from my TiVo HD DVR to my computer using TiVo transfer from Toast v.8.0.5. The file was 4.6 GB, but the transfer kept continuing. I stopped the transfer when the file reached 4.9 GB. I then clicked on the button to play the video and received this message:


"The movie cannot be decoded properly. Please make sure you have entered the correct Media Access Key (MAK) in your TiVo transfer application."


Well, I have checked and confirmed that I have entered the correct MAK. Should I have let the download continue even though it indicated it was significantly past the 4.6 GB size of the file (I stopped at 4.9 GB)? If not, what is the problem and how can I get this to work? (I do know . . . or at least I just found out that I cannot burn a DVD from this eMac. But, I'd still like to be able to view the video from it and confirm that the software at least is working).



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