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Capture Size Issue



I recently purchased Creator 2009 with the video capture USB device. Today I have been attempting to transfer video from VCR into DV. I have set the default folders for all video, photos, audio and DVD to an external drive which has over 600gb of free space. I have only about 2.5gb free on my C: drive, and no way to create any more space on that drive.


When preparing to capture the video, the Media Import window tells me that no matter what capture settings I select, there is still only 4gb free. The videos I am planning to capture come from 2hr VHS tapes. I'd prefer to capture them at higher quality. But even beyond that, I should still have more than 4gb available. Why exactly is it telling me there is only 4gb available?

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EDIT - just determined that the free drive was formatted as FAT32, not NTFS. Have found available space on an external NTFS drive, problem solved.



Your capture problem may be solved, but you will find, when you go to edit that video, and burn it, no room on your C: drive will be a big problem.


If you are going to be doing a lot of video work, you best get a large hard drive, for your C: drive.

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