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Cineplayer Wont Play Dvds



I have not been able to play either commercial or my own home brew DVDs on Cineplayer. The same DVDs play just fine on Windows media player or the Sony Carousel DVD player attached to my home theater rig. I first encountered the problem with Media Creator 10 and hoped that it would go away when I upgraded to Creator 2009. No Joy. The sound is fine, but the picture is all pixelated and blurry.


My video hardware is a pair of ATI Radeon 4870s running in crossfire mode. The video driver is the latest one released last week by ATI.


Any thoughts? Does Cineplayer have an issue with crossfire?



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Disable the crossfire, and give it a shot. If that doesn't work, disable video acceleration. You can do that in Cineplayer.


Actually, try disabling video acceleration first. It is labeled Off, under Settings/Video/Hardware Acceleration.





Disabling the Video Acceleration did it.


Thank you sir.

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