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Help Plse:how To Set Button As Default Selection?



Is there a way to ensure that a certain button is the "default" button that comes up as highlighted when starting the completed DVD?


I'm using MyDVD within Creator 2009 Ultimate to create multiple movie options on a DVD menu as well as a submenu.


It seems like the second, not the first button is always highlighted when I start the finished DVD.

In the left panel, the second button IS in fact listed first in the tree hierarchy, but I can't seem to move it by dragging it. Also, I don't see any setting controls for this on the button settings.


On a submenu, I have what is likely a similar problem. the buttons don't "jump" in order when you press the DVD cursor button.


This may have been the way I initially loaded the individual movies, but I'd sure like to have control over this and not have to start over loading them in a particular order.


Any thoughts?

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