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Cant Burn Avi To Dvd



I have 3 problems here.


First, I downloaded some avi video and need to burn them to dvd to share with some friends. I have done this successfully with a couple of videos, but am having issues now. Not sure that it matter but the one that I successfully completed required the divx codec, the avi's that I am having problems with use the xvid codec. Here's what happened. I set roxio up to burn a dvd of the avi, the project went through, completed, indicated all had gone well, but will not play on my dvd player, AND the computer cannot recognize the dvd, it just sits and "thinks" and cant open or play the dvd.


The second problem is I moved onto a different avi file and tried to proceed as above, but this time roxio got about 5 minutes into the project and errored out saying something about not being able to read the media.


The third problem is minor, but I still need to know if I'm doing something wrong. I copied a dvd that is not protected and roxio goes all the way through, then errors out saying that it cant read the input disc, but the copied disc plays fine.


Question: In each scenario what am I doing wrong? Do I need to change some settings?

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Problems 1 and 2:

You seem to be having a big problem between the burner and the disc you're trying to burn. What brand and type of discs are you using?


Low quality discs could well cause these problems, especially if your burner is not very tolerant. What is the burner's make and model number?


Problem 3:

Can't advise without knowing how you copied the disc. Was it done "on the fly" [source in a reader drive, destination in the writer] or was it read in and staged to the hard drive, and then copied from there once the source disc was removed?


If you're using 'el cheapo' discs, you should be told that they're often not worth what you paid for them. Trying a better quality disc such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, and perhaps burning at a lower speed might well cure problems 1 and 2.

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