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Is There Limit To Number Of Buttons On A Submenu?



Is there a limit to the number of buttons with thumbnails that you can have on a submenu?


I know the "default" is four, but I've created five thumbnails-with-text-under buttons on a submenu, plus a home button . It seems to work (especially when using a mouse) except the frustration that the DVD cursor control doesn't work properly when previewing. So, the preview moves 1,2,3, last (skipping button 4 and jumping to five in a z pattern). Plus, I can't seem to get the preview to jump to and highlight the home button (which is an icon with no words).


Am I trying to do something that's not possible?



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The number of 'default' buttons is determined by the pre-designed layout. When you click on Changed Menu Style, look through those thumbnails carefully. You will see that some may only have 3, some 4 or more thumbnails on the submenus. Others are designed with text only buttons.


Navigation can get messed up if you force more buttons on a menu than the original design.

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