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Emc 10



I've been using EMC10 to burn CDs for over a year with no problems. But lately my successfully completed music cd won't play anywhere; not even on the PC that it is burned on. My burner works, because I am able to burn in all my other software except EMC10. Help!!!

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So it has been working fine for over a year, but has suddenly stopped working.


You could [1] laboriously trace back through everything you've done to your system - added, removed, or updated - between the time it last worked properly and the time you found it broken, and hope to find what might have been broken in there,


[2] uninstall EMC 10, clean it out, and reinstall using the clean install procedure for your operating system VISTA or XP. to get your EMC 10 back to the factory-installed state.


Personally, I'd go for number [2].

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Thank you Brendon, I've tried to go that route, but Roxio sent me a link to download my previous version (9) instead of EMC10. I also think the 30 day limit download won't allow me to download. I will contact them and try again.

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