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Error Code 0006



I am trying to install Creator 2009 but the installation stalls at "Installing SmartSound". I waited 20 minutes for it but it didn't move any further and I noticed my hard drive was idle too. Then I hit the Cancel button and I get a Error Code 0006 message.


Then when I restart the computer it keeps popping up a "Sonic Module Activation" installation message but keeps asking for a CD -- I downloaded the software online. I had to hit cancel like over 10 times before the rest of Windows would load!


I've NEVER had this much trouble just installing a software product -- FREE products are better than this one!


Does anyone know how to get through the installation? It seems there's a hurdle at every step. Before I couldn't even download the installation file and then the self-extracting utility used to stall. Now I get a bit further and have this problem. :(



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