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dvd medium error classic creator






For some reason duirng a transfer of data to a dvd, I receieved the following error


program memory area update failure -medium error (03-73)04


This has occured on 3 dvds and the system was rebooted between attempts. I checked for updates and found none


I have a Gateway E4100 serres machine 1Gig rams and over 100 gig of free space. I am using HP DVD +R 8x disks. I suspect that may be the problem as I have not had this problem befor. However I cant confirm this as I have none of the old disks left. This also is my first attempt of burning dvds after a fresh system load. If it is, is there a workaround. I have tryed recording on different speed with the same results

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Guest ivanatrox

You can try to update the firmware for your DVD burner since you already tried lower the speed for burning. Also, try a different brand of media and see if it helps.



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