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Bug In Toast 10.0.2



As in topic title and description. When editing a Toast file, describing a BD disc for example, its chapters, menus, encoding, etc. etc,:


Amending the Blu-ray Video title (in pale blue, at the top of the window) doesn't change the file's status from "Saved" (solid icon in window title bar) to "Not Saved" (desaturated icon in window title bar). Toast won't then let you save the file - it believes you haven't changed anything.


"So what?" you might ask. Agreed - it's a minor point, but shows a problem with software QA at Roxio.


You can edit this Blu-ray Video Title and accidentally not save it, and Toast won't prompt you to save it either on closing the file - Toast doesn't register that this parameter has been amended - and hence you lose your editing - without any warning.


A workaround is to make some other trivial change - like switching the Encoding from Custom to Automatic and back to Custom. That then is registered by Toast as a change, and the icon dims, and the requirement to Save the file on close is made.


I've only tried it with Blu-ray Video Titles, not other parts of Toast 10, but I can't be bothered to do any more comprehensive fault-finding. The software engineer responsible will know - with a "light-bulb-going-on" moment - what they've fogotten to do, where in the code it is, and how widely it affects this application.




BTW: I'd MUCH rather the Toast software development team spends time fixing the lack of import of FCP Chapter markers, than fixing this trivial bug.

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