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Can't Install Sp4

Rodrigo S


Hello everyone,


I downloaded the SP4 update but can't get it installed. Halfway the update process stops and the following error appears: 'Cannot delete target file c:\program files\roxio creator 2009\5.0\CPMonitor.exe'

I have the Dutch version of creator 2009, and installed on a 64-bit version of Vistal Ultimate.

Things I'va already tried and didn't work:


* install as an administrator

* disable anti-virus software (Norton IS 2009)


Any suggestion are greatly appreciated! Please DON'T tell me that I've to do a clean install again, because that would make me switch to Nero :P !





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There are at least three of us here with identical probs. I contacted (via their tech e mail) Roxio, whose first, predictable, response, as usual was to suggest a clean re install - I declined as The C 2009 disc has an older version of .NET Framework files than I have now and I have been down this long winded route before. Then they said if it works without installing the update, just carry on without it - again an unsatisfactory answer answer as clearly there is a problem of their making. Then they asked for a screen shot of the message where the "Cannot delete.... " message appears. I have sent this and am awaiting a reply. I also mentioned that on this forum alone people have the identical problem. I have checked the file exists where it should be and has the same attributes as the other files in that Filters folder (Not Hidden, not read only etc.) I really think this is a ROXIO problem and hope they fix it. I must say their technical support are far more difficult to get hold of than other sofware suppliers I have contacted in the recent past - eg Microsoft, Adobe, Happuage etc. Their fee for a phone call from UK is out of all proportion compared with others. I like the programme but not their support.

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