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Moving My Photos



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This is a really silly question! I've installed Roxio and I'm eager to get started with my photos. All my photos are stored in "my Pictures" folder. How do I transfer some or all of them to Roxio?


Wow, that is an open ended question because of all the possibilities. Do you have Roxio PhotoShow V5 or V6. Is it downloaded to your computer or are you using the on-line version?


If it one of the versions on your computer, think of the images in PhotoShow as computer shortcuts to the location in your My Pictures folder. Therefore you don't need to move them. When you make a file or burn a disc, Roxio PhotoShow will use those links to make a copy of the images and put them in the slide shows. Did the program do an automatic search for your images?


If you are using the on-line version, the program automatically uploads a copy of the images to the web site and used those copies. No need to do anything special.


Please come back and give us more information if you want more information. :blink::) especially if you are NOT using PhotoShow and are using something like Roxio Creator 2009. Saying you are using a Roxio program is like saying you have a Ford, it does not indicate the model. You need to be more specific. Many people post where ever they find a similar thread. With the information you posted, you could be using Video Wave or Slide Show Assistant (from Creator 2009).

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