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Drivers For Easy Cd & Dvd?

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THE PROBLEM: I have an old computer that runs XP and I am wanting to install Easy CD & DVD 6 on it. I hung on to this computer for the sole purpose of running this program since I don't like the newer Roxio versions that are compatable with Vista (See below for more details on that....). The problem is that the old computer had so much junk on it that several problems had issues running, including the Roxio. So I did an O/S reinstall to clean it up and then reinstalled Easy CD/DVD 6. At this point, XP and the Roxio are the ONLY things on this computer. I don't even have it connected to the internet because I don't want any updates or viruses. I just want to get it running the Roxio and leave it be! However, when I try to burn a music cd, I pull the tracks into a cd project and when I try to preview any of the tracks, I get nothing (nothing plays, and no error message appears). Occasionally it tells me that "This program has encountered a serious problem and needs to close," but more often than not, nothing happens.


So, I am therefore unable to preview any of the project crossfades, etc., and that's mainly what I use, so... not good.


I am betting that I need an updated driver or something like that, but the Roxio site of course doesn't support this product anymore. I know they want me to upgrade to a newer version, and I have (twice!), but the problem is that the newer versions don't do what I like (again, see below for the full details on THAT), so I really need to get the older version running if that's possible in any way.


So, THE BIG QUESTION IS.... does anyone have any idea how I can get version 6 running on my old XP box, or am I SOL?


In case anyone at Roxio is listening, here's the full details on what I loved about version 6 and can't stand about all versions i've tried since then. THIS is what has (at least temporarily) lost me as a customer: I like the ability to have two tracks OVERLAP *without* any fades. In other words, I would use the crossfade function, set the overlap time to say 4 seconds (or whatever) and then select "no crossfades" for either track (no fade out for track #1 and no fade in for track #2). That would leave my wav files alone and play them as is, but would allow the second track to start before the first was completely over (this was very handy with songs that already faded out in their naturul state, so you could just "back up" the next track to start as the previous track was lowering in volume. This is like what you hear when you listen to the radio! As the first song fades, the 2nd one comes in at full volume.


In general, I found how crossfades worked on version 6 far easier to use and far more flexible, but for some reason, someone at Roxio deemed the ability to have two tracks "on top" of each other a problem, and newer versions seem to automatically force fades on you if you have two tracks overlapping. Even if you select "no fades", the first track will fade out and the 2nd one will fade in. This is a major step back imo and after trying two newer Roxio products and eventually figuring out that i couldn't do what I wanted, i'm done with Roxio until such time that they revert back to the older (yet superior) crossfade utility, but till then I would sure like to get my old Roxio 6 up and running on my XP box!


If anyone can help, I would sure appreciate it!!!

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I think your best idea would be to uninstall version 6, clean it out with the Roxizap uninstaller [which is written for version 5, but does a good job with a lot of version 6 stuff too] and then reinstall and fully update version 6.


Roxio was bought out by Sonic, and I doubt there are any of the original people left. There is very little of the original Roxio software left, and less of it survives each year. That is sad. :(

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