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Error Code -39 Solved



New here - hope I do this right :-)


I wanted to report a problem and solution in case it helps anyone else out there.


Using Toast 10.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.6 leopard.


The task was to create DVD disk images from many GB of MPEG2 movies from a Handycam. I simply dragged the files over into Toast and hit "Create Disk Image" - Encoding started but exited at some point with this error message -


"Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error Result Code -39"


In fact the problem was that the file list contained some very small video files, just a few seconds long. According to Roxio technical support:


"MPEG files need to be at least 15 seconds in order to be added into Toast. Files that are less than 15 seconds will not be added"


In fact what happened with me was that disk image creation simply failed.


The solution/workaround - in Finder create a folder for the DVD - drag in all files intended for the DVD - switch to a detail list view - sort by size, smallest first - delete the small files. The exact size of the files will vary of course I found a file size corresponding to about 10 seconds of video by trial and error.


Hope this helps someone else. It took me several days to work out what was going on.


More about Error code -39


I understand that this error message will also be displayed for a variety of issues, not just this one. According to Roxio technical support " ... This error code means that the program reached an unexpected end of the file. If your file is not supposed to end at this point, it is a corrupt file and will need to be captured again. Try doing the same thing with a different file to confirm this..."

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