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Controlling The Way The Movies Play In A Dvd



I have compiled a Demo DVD of the band for as an audition DVD. I have an intro movie followed by two short movies of the band playing in different venues. I am trying to set out project in MYDVD so that when the DVD is inserted, it plays all the movies consecutively automatically and then returns to the DVD menu.


So when the DVD is inserted, it plays in this order:

Intro Movie, Movie 1 , Movie Two, Return to Main(Root) Menu.


However, no matter what I do, at the moment it is playing the Intro Movie, then Movie 1 and then just stops even though the setting for Movie 1 is set to play the next move.....


Help....What am I doing wrong?



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In MyDVD, select File|Project Settings. Then select the "Play movie and all remaining movies in the project" option.


I tried this option but the trouble really lies in the intro movie or rather what happens after the intro movie. No matter what the settings are, if you set the intro movie settings to play the first movie in the list instead of going to the main menu, the frist movie plays after the intro movie but stops instead of going to the next movie even when I set it to play the next movie.


I have to resort to a "workaround" by appending the second movie to the first one and then make it return to the main menu.

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The Intro Movie is usually a "teaser" or an overview of the titles included in the DVD. Movie title is invoke from the menu, not from the Intro. That's how a commercial DVD work. In the menu, you can set it to go back to menu after each movie title is played, or play the next movie title.


If you want to play all movie titles one after another, you should select all titles at once when you add new movie and select to include all video clips as one movie (a dialog box shows up if you choose more than one video clip). Or as you said, do the editing in Videowave to merge all video clips and save one clip. Then include that as part of your Intro movie.

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