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Easy Vhs To Dvd It Is ,and I Apologise To Roxio



Ladies and Gents : I honestly thought i bought another load of rubbish, as i am not a computor geek, and need things kept simple. Well let me say it really was. Only if you have all the right stuff. E.G. Right Cables / leads. Nothing special about my fifteen year old toshiba vcr, or my four year old laptop xp computor. I used the composite leads ( red yellow white ) but i got nothing, so i thought . But i was doing it wrong trying to burn a c/d before i could even check it out . Thinking i had to adjust all these diffrent settings that people talk about , well i done none of that none none. If only i had read every ones comments and took note of things. firstly i think the composite leads are ok but should,be used only if you do not have a ( scart ) connection at the back of your VCR. And if you do have a scart connection go and buy a ( switchable scart adaptor ) from p.c. world £16.00, plug it in, Now you will get a signal. After that press play and away you go, the editing software is so easy a ten year old could do it . SO SORRY ROXIO IT IS VERY VERY EASY AFTER ALL.

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Thanks, bmwstu.


Your post has let me know that our friends in the UK and abroad may need adapters for connecting to the Roxio Capture device.


I'll be looking into this further with our engineering team and hopefully creating an article soon to reduce frustration and confusion in the long run.


Enjoy your software!


And, as always - thanks to the Gurus!



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