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Can't Customize H.264 Setting For Automatic Tivo Conversion



I would like to make the default compression setting for Tivo to H.264 recordings to be 1280x720. Under the preferences tab, this resolution is available and when I confirm I want 1280x720, the dialog box says the output will be 1280x720. So far, no problems. However, when I quit popcorn 3 and come back to the settings, the resolution has reverted back to 640x480. The target folder, which is also customized, does not revert to a default setting.


How do I make the 1280x720 default resolution stick in the preferences?

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I'm not sure. You can try trashing the Popcorn plist file in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Popcorn to see if there is a problem with Popcorn saving its preferences. If that doesn't help you might create a sample project with those settings and always re-launch Popcorn by opening that project file. All you'd need to do then is delete the item that's in that saved file each time you make a new project.

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Thanks for your help.


I trashed the preference file, but this didn't solve the problem. I know the preference file is being saved correctly because when opened with a text editor I can see the save path in plain text, which is different than the default. Unfortunately, the reset of the file is not plain text, so I cannot change compression settings that way.


It's pretty clear to me that the software is bugged. In fact, I noticed that when the Tivo file is automatically compressed, a 3rd resolution is used, which is smaller than 640x480 and not the 1280x720 resolution I desire.


I've given up on the software and trying iTIVO as a substitute.


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