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Plug And Burn And Usb 2861 Device



I have Roxio Creator 2009 installed on my computer with the Easy VHS to DVD option.


I have been able to copy vhs tapes onto my computer, and then burn them from there onto a DVD, but when I try to use the Plug and Burn option, to go directly from the VCR to the DVD, it doesn’t give me the option of the USB 2861Device.


The USB2861 Device is available to select when I burn onto my computer. Why would this be?


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Because you have not applied the SP4 update for Creator 2009???


If you don’t have the V2D software you shouldn’t post here. I’m guessing you really have Creator 2009 Special Edition?





Yes you are right - I do have the Creator 2009 Special Edition.


What is the V2D software?

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