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Can't Reload Roxio



I have had Roxio Creator & My DVD 9.0 Premier on my Dell PC before, but recently had to clean hard drive and reinstalled. I have installed Roxio 3 times and under applications the only thing that shows up is MY DVD, no videowave etc. Is there something I have or should have that won't allow Roxio to install properly. Have plenty memory and do not use Blue Ray. lulu

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"Roxio Creator" is an OEM Version [Original Equipment Mfgr]. When a manufacturer such as Dell buys the OEM rights, they also can have it modified (so it isn't necessarily like the full Version), and they accept the responsibility to support it.


It's possible there is something that Dell added or subtracted that requires a special permission - much as when I tried to reinstall an OEM Version of N***, I ended up having to take the computer back to the shop so they could do the modifications to get it to work properly with both burners.


I'd suggest you check with either Dell or their discussion Forum.



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