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Cineplayer In Creator 2009 Will Not Function Properly



I've have performed 4 different clean installs as instructed by roxio tech support, the installation of the program goes well without any errors i updated with service pack 4. When I put in DVD to watch a movie on Cineplayer it plays for 38 seconds and then the program exits abruptly with our messages or error it does this time and time again can't seem to find a solution maybe somebody has had this experience and can suggest some ideas, thanks


Also my back on track software will not recognize me dvd drive so I can't restore my file from the dvd drive or my secondary hdd, any suggestions. Thanks


My codecpack is installed



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How about telling us something about your computer specs? Put it in your signature and it will show up in all your posts. Go to My Controls at the top of this page and then edit signature. Look at what others put into thier signature to see the type of information. You can post your computer manufacturer and full model number as long as it is not obsolete. Post also any modifications you made (such as a new video card.)

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Be sure that your DVD firmware is update

Be sure that Directx is update

Be sure that your video driver is update

Install the PxEngine update:



Another PxEngine update to try:


You'll have to unzip the file and then do the update.


Copy the DVD to your hard drive and try playing it.

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