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Mac & Toast 10



I just got an iMac about 2 weeks ago. Today I purchased Toast 10 Titanium. I erased a CD-RW and recorded some files on it. The disk was not full. I then added some more files and it said that the disk could not be written onto again. Please, I am going crazy. I was a PC user using Creator 7.5. That was easy. I have been trying to do this since I got the Mac. Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong !!

The Creator PC version was a snap to use where all you had to do is format the CD-RW On the Mac you do not have to format.

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PCs allow for packet writing to discs so they are almost like tiny hard drives. Macs are different in their approach. You can write multiple sessions to CD media (not to DVD media though) and these sessions appear as multiple icons in the Finder. The way this is done is to click the Red burn button and then click the Advanced tab in the window that appears. There you'll see a radial button titled Write Session. Click that. You then can continue to add more sessions until the disc gets full.


Unless there is a reason why you want this on CD media I suggest using a USB flash drive for copying your data in increments. When the flash drive gets full (presuming you're using a 4 GB drive) you can back it up to DVD and start over. That seems more user friendly than writing sessions to CD media on a Mac.

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