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Easy Vhs To Dvd

The Flyer


The software installed as normal no error messages etc.

The VHS tape appeared to transfer to the disc using 'Plug and Burn' feature.


BUT when I pressed 'Finish' button to burn and finish -- the finish page came up and locked up.

I am running Windows Vista home version on a Toshiba laptop with 60 G of hard drive space.


After the data transfer the disc surface gives the appearance of having received the date from the VCR tape.


Any fixes required etc.??

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Hi Jim,

thanks for the prompt reply - you must wake early ?

I must add this is all new to me. Having read various posts on the forum - I wasn't aware about the 1 hour time limit on a 4.7Gb DVD. I transferred about 2 hours of tape to the disc using Plug and Play whilst monitoring the 'Time Left' counter at the bottom of the 'Capture' page. I finished my capturing with about 35 minutes remaining.

But as I said when I went to 'Finish' the finish page came up and did nothing.

I am now going to try Plugging and Playing just 35 minutes of tape time and see what happens.

I'll let you know.



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Hi Jim.

A number of years ago I used Dazzle with VCD - this system never came to Europe, I used it out in the Far East where I was working at the time -- No problems at all. Converted lots and lots of Tapes to VCD.


I am trying to install and use this Roxio for my work mate in his Lap top and simply copy from VHS tapes to DVD.


The latest update with this load of "@#$%^&" is -- I have now lost the sound -- which I had yesterday and the SP2 update has now given me tape errors which I never had yesterday.

So I have now given up, as I have better things to do with my time than mess around with this.

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