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Dvd To Mac..?



i plan to burn a set of the same dvd's over and over. the method im using now is just copying the discs. is there a way to burn the disc onto my macbook and then use that file to burn a disc? i tried burning the disc image to the macbook and then i made a dvd of that...but it didnt play lol (im a noob) any help?

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Try the following and let me know if it works for you:

  1. Select the 4th tab (Copy)
  2. Select Disc Copy (1st project in the list)
  3. Insert the non-protected disc you want to copy
  4. Click on the Save As Disc Image button in the lower right
  5. Enter a file name and location of your choosing
  6. Click Save
  7. Once that has finished, select Image File (2nd project in the list)
  8. Click the Select button
  9. Choose the image file you created in Step 6
  10. Click the Burn button
  11. When the prompt appears, edit the Number of Copies to the desired number of copies you want to burn
  12. Click the Record button
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What steps did you take to burn a disc image to your macbook? And does the image file itself playback properly once mounted?

in the 3rd tab (video) and 3 down(video ts folder). i put in disc and opened it and dragged the ts folder over. it did play when i clicked it to but the actual disc was in if that makes any difference. what steps should i take because i dont think i did it properly..

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