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Output Only Renders To 99%



Hi all,


I am trying to output a project I made in VideoWave, but when I go to output to a mpeg, avi file or any type of file for that matter, it renders to 99 % and stays there. It never finishes the file, although in the preview screen the video is at the end. It is not locked up either, if I open the task manager it shows that is running normally. It will sit like this for over an hour, until I click cancel. It I tried a clean install of Easy Creator 10 twice. I have re-installed my latest video driver twice. I have tried rendering through the hardware and software.

My motherboard is a Asus P5QL, 2.13 GHz Conroe Duo Processor, 2 GB ram, and a X1300 graphics card. Any ideas? I spent all this time making this movie and now I can't get it off my system!



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