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Convert Ac3 Dolby Audio With Creator





I'm trying to get a very clear answer and I hoping some of you who are experienced with Creator can help me out.


Here is my situation: We had a videographer shoot several hours of video at one of our corporate events. He gave us back a few DVDs with the videos he shot. We would like to edit the video in Adobe Premiere. I was advised to copy the .VOB files from the DVD to my computer's hard disk and change the file extension to .MPG. When I imported the video into Premiere there was no audio track. I followed another bit and copied ad2ac3dec.dll file from Encore into the Premiere program folder. Voila! There's now an audio track! Unfortunately the audio is a jumbled mess. Apparently the DVD audio files are encoded in AC3 Dolby and Premiere cannot work with that.


What it boils down to is I need a way to re-encode the audio without re-compressing or re-interpolating the video. I've asked Roxio customer service if Creator can re-encode AC3 Dolby and they said "yes." But as far as the issue with re-interpolating the video there was no reply.


I've tried other solutions, but either the program crashes before outputting a file or the file is distorted is some way. This is why I do not want to re-compress or re-interpolate the video



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