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Easy Dvd Copy 4 Can Burn To Multiple Drives? Where's The Magic Button?


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Be aware that if you're wanting to burn to two burners simultaneously, only the Roxio-sourced parts of EMC10 [Creator Classic, Music Disc Creator, Video Copy & Convert, Roxio Music Editor] will allow more than one destination drive. The applications in there which come from Sonic can't do this.


So the Roxio "Inside Sales Team" sold me the wrong software title when I said I needed to be able to burn ISO images to 10 drives at once and they sold me Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier?


I'm still waiting for an answer from them about it but I thought I would post this on the forum as well.




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You're posting to a very old and inactive thread, Joel.


The answer to your question depends on which modules are contained in 'Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier', and how limited Sonic has made this suite.


Sonic has 'diced and sliced' their offerings into so many different and varied suitelets that it's impossible for even the gurus to keep up with them. Perhaps you could tell us [since you have the software] which modules it has out of the list ??



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I was hesitant to start a new thread, which is why I posted on the thread from a year ago. After I posted there, I got the gumption to make a new one. From now on I'll stick to making a new thread.


Here's what came up under "About This Software"


Easy DVD Copy 4

Version: 10.1.133

Build: 111B33A, DVD

Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007


Module Name: PX Engine

Build: 4.4.49b, 26

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007


Module Name: Roxio Central Core

Version: 3.7.0

Build: 370B96A, DVD

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007


Module Name: Roxio Central Tools

Version: 3.7.0

Build: 370B21A, C10

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007


Module Name: Roxio Central Data

Version: 3.7.0

Build: 370B29A, C10

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007


Module Name: Roxio Central Copy

Version: 3.7.0

Build: 370B33A, C10

Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2007


I loved Nero 6 but the new Nero 9 is horrible and so I jumped ship. What I need is to be able to burn ISO images of CDs and DVDs to multiple drives (7 for now) simultaneously. I capture meetings live in Premiere CS4, author the footage to an ISO in Encore CS4, and then hopefully make 7 copies at once.


I just built the computer and now I'm bummed that I spent 4k on an 8 core MacPro because this 1.5k computer annihilates it for render times.


CPU - INTEL CORE I7 920 2.66G






DVD BURN - SONY|AD-7240S-0B (x7)

VGA - EVGA 896-P3-1260-AR GTX260 896M

HD - 640G|WD 7K 16M WD6400AAKS

HD - 1TB|HITACHI 7K 16M 0A38016

KB&MS - LOGITECH | 920-001176



Anyway... some people like gear details.


You rock man,


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Hi Joel,


No worry about the old thread - we're not really obsessive-compulsive here, it's just that some folks might not see an old thread depending on how they have their board settings. We'll get this thread moved into the right forum too, once we have finished. :)


That software package you have looks to be an anorexic version of Easy Media Creator 10.1 - the modules shown are the same version that EMC 10.1 uses. However, if you don't have Creator Classic available under 'Data' or Video Copy and Convert available under 'Copy' then your software doesn't have the Roxio muscles and you won't be able to burn to more than one recorder at a time, unless the "Inside Sales Team" know something we don't.


If you buy direct from Sonic/Roxio the company has a policy allowing return within 30 days. I would suggest you get onto them quickly, because unless they can show you how to multi-burn simultaneously you have been misled. Easy Media Creator 10.x or 11 [a.k.a. Creator 2009] both have Creator Classic and Video Copy and Convert.


Nice gear there, but you need the proper software to support it. I wish you well.



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Well... I started the return process and I'm going to purchase Creator 2009 instead. I'm a little bummed that I can't just get Creator Classic or something that doesn't contain all of their "editing and authoring" stuff that I'll never use.


If you have any other ideas for software from Roxio (etc) that can do simultaneous burns across multiple drives I'm all ears. It's not that I don't want to pay $100 or so... I would rather something a little more slimmed down. Maybe they give you the option to just install Creator Classic.


Thanks for your fast replies!



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There are a number of us who would rather buy and pay for the core items rather than all the frippery which comes with them - a bit like being required to buy fruit and sugar and a bottle of cream when all you want is a box of cereal and you don't eat cream - however the current policy seems to be that bigger is better. :(


I rather liked EMC 9, but you're running Vista 64 so a later version might be safer. Since you don't need the latest offering you might pick up a copy of EMC 10 [full version] somewhere quite cheaply, but I'm afraid that's something you have to weigh up for yourself.


There are some cut-down versions that Sonic sells, but often those have been deliberately crippled and they should be avoided at all costs. [see the Easy CD & DVD Burning (RedBox) forum for examples.]



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