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Backup And Restore



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This is from the Help files in the Home app.



<h2 class="pNewHTMLPage">Restoring files with Restore Files </h2> The Restore Files project restores individual files and folders that you have protected using the Back Up Files project.


<h4 class="pHeading3">To restore a file: </h4>

Click the Backup Files tab in the project list.A list of projects is displayed.


Click the Restore Files project.The project window opens.


Optional: If the backup file was saved on a disc, insert the disc into a compatible disc drive. Click the Browse button at the top of the Selective Restore project window.A dialog box opens.


Use the dialog box to navigate to the backup file that contains the files you would like to restore. Once you have found the backup file, select it and click OK.The content of the backup file appears as a directory tree in the project window.


Select the files and folders you would like to restore using one of the following methods:
  • Navigate through the directory tree in the project window. When you find a file or folder you want to restore, select it by clicking on its name.
  • Type all or part of a file or folder name into the Search box to the right of the Browse button. Click the Search button. The search results are displayed in the project window. If the file you want to restore appears in the search results, select it by clicking once on its name. If the file does not appear in the search results, try using different search terms or looking in a different backup file.
Choose Browse from the Destination Selection drop-down menu and select the location where your restored files will be saved.<a name="wp1043102"> Click the action button to begin restoring your files."
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