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Error While Encoding Menu





I am new to Creator and am having problems burning a DVD. I created a slideshow with pictures, music and a menu. I get to about 95% completion and the error message comes up. It also came up with out the menu added. I'm using Memorex DVD+R and a HP/Compaq laptop with most bells and wistles. Don't know if this applies, but I also had problems getting Creator 2009 installed.

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Friends don’t let Friends burn with Memorex… :lol:


You didn’t mention what programs you use…


Logical progression:


VideoWave – create production.

MyDVD – make menus and burn.


For testing – MyDVD, burn to File (iso) and not the burner. Does it work?


If NO, post results but that means something you put in it choked it!


If YES, start Video Copy and Convert and point it to that ISO file MyDVD made and use it to burn with.


We may need to do the full Clean Install - but let's start with these simple tests first.

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