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Vhs To Dvd - Dvd Only Plays In Windows




I've got the Easy media suite 10 and Easy VHS to DVD

I managed to get vhs to dvd to work eventually thanks to forum folk.

Copied my vhs tape in two parts via plug and burn. DVD +rw used in first instance and trial runs thanks to Jim's tip. Plays fine [although quality is less than actual vhs tape] in my Vista's Windows Media Player but won't work in my Sony DVD player to watch via TV screen. I know that both +R and -R dvd's are compatible in the SOny player. What have I not done to make it DVD player compatible?

Also Jim H suggested using Capture Video ----media import instead. When I plug in the VHS via the capture leads as I did with plug and burn I don't get the option to choose that usb lead so can't continue as you suggest. What do I have to do to record or save to computer my VHS tapes via Capture video option?

One more ask - when converting the VHS tapes do they only convert to Video TS etc. [uDF is listed on the burnt disc properties.]?

Thanks for all the tips so far


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If you used P&B to capture you can use Capture!


If one works – both work! No in between.


When making a DVD Movie there is only One Format that Players will recognize. That is the Format that is produced when MyDVD burns. Anything else and a Player will spit out the disc as unreadable. There is no choice here.


Most likely your media is at fault or a better way to say it is that your Player doesn’t like that media. We don’t see complaints about Verbatim discs but many others should be used for dumpster liners.


This Picture is using Capture. Note the device is picked in the drop down list under the Video button.



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