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Lightscribe Labels



I posted this in the program error section, but decided to post here as well in case anyone on the boards has any insight into what might be happening.




When I try to create a label for my DVD's there is a blue circle indicating the printable area of the disc.

This blue circle seems to coincide with the placement of the title text.


Nothing outside of the thin band inside the blue circle prints onto the Lightscribe disc.

It gives me the same print preview for my regular printer, but the image comes out properly on paper. Just not on the Lightscribe discs.


Now before anyone starts with the standard "install the latest Lightscribe software" mantra, I have already done that.

I have the very latest from Lightscribe, so this is not an issue with it's drivers.


Furthermore, I had a trial copy of SureThing before I purchased Creator 2009 that worked just fine with my Lightscribe drive.

So this is very obviously an issue with Creator 2009.


I've already filed a ticket and all they gave me for a reply was that I needed to install the Lightscribe drivers.

I tried online support and the guy told me the same thing.

When I explained to him that it didn't seem to be a Lightscribe issue he put me on "hold" for about 10 minutes.

Then when he came back he sent me a link to the Creator 2009 user manual and then disconnected without even waiting for a reply or even saying goodbye. Real nice.


I have read through the manual and found absolutely nothing that would indicate I'm doing anything wrong.

So I'm left to believe that this is some sort of problem with Creator 2009.


I purchased this software so that I could finish up a big project this weekend. And now I can't even do that.

So any help with this would be most appreciated.


I'm starting to wonder if I've made the right choice in purchasing a roxio product.

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Have you applied Roxio Creator 2009 sp4?

Creator 2009 sp4






Have you updated your Lightscribe software to the lastest?




Yes it should be all up to date.


Version: 1.1.110 sp4; 4.50.05a

Build: 111B10E, R03; 411B33A, C11

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