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Easy Dvd Copy And Convert 4 Not Working With Vista



Hi Newbie here,


I have just recently bought the Easy DVD Copy and Covert 4, When I put the CD in to install my laptop which is a windows vista laptop, it doesn't seem to work but when i put it on my Windows XP computer it works, is there anything wrong. I have read the instructions of the book, I have done that and its not working, thank you for your time and patience.



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We're getting there gradually, I think. :) Dealing with your points from last to first . . .


[4] One of several ways to find out the amount of data on a disc. When you open My Computer, click on the 'View' button and select 'Details' you'll get a display something like this



The first figure is the total size of the disc, the second is the space free. The disc I have in drive Y: has 658 MB on it, so is likely to be a CD. Doing this isn't so important, now that we've found out you do have a DVD drive and it can read the disc somewhat.




[3] Having the disc in your drive, if you open My Computer and right-click on that drive you will see a menu of actions you can perform. Select Explore and you'll see a display of all the files and folders on the first level of the disc. This is 'reading the disc in Windows Explorer'





[2] You say it loads a little and then stops. If your Vista computer is properly up-to-date then "Autorun" may have been turned off as a security measure to protect against a nasty virus that's doing the rounds. Autorun is a system where the computer automatically loads and runs a program when a disc is inserted in the drive. If your XP system automatically started the Roxio installer when you inserted the disc, that was Autorun working.


If Autorun is wisely turned off in the Vista machine, you have to manually start the installer yourself. You'll notice now why I'm working through things backwards :)

-Explore the disc as in [3] above, and you should see a large number of files. Look for one called setup.exe or perhaps just setup if Vista is hiding full filenames from you. It should have an icon similar to the one setup.exe has in this clip, but the actual arrangement of the display depends on how you have your Vista displays set.



-Double-click on the Setup file to start it, and the disc should run and install the Roxio program for you.



If that goes well, you should be set now. Please let me know how it goes.

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Okay Matthew,


I think we can safely assume there's nothing wrong with the drive or the disc.


You say you can't 'Explore' a data disc by right-clicking on the drive icon in My Computer because the disc is ejected when you click on 'Explore'.

-Does that happen with every disc you try to 'Explore' ?

-What software other than Easy DVD Copy and Covert 4 did you try to install? - Can you explore that disc?

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Hey Brendon.


1. Okay I have done a windows update, that doesn't work.


2. I have right clicked on the cd drive icon and pressed explore, that doesn't work because the cd pops out.


3. I think the data for the cd dvd drive is 80GB if thats right?


4. I just put it on my sister's laptop, it works fine. Lastly, I put another CD to install something and it doesn't seem to recognise that one either. Sounds serious?


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When I put the CD in to install my laptop which is a windows vista laptop, it doesn't seem to work

A little detail would help here - a lot of detail would be even better.


Are you saying that the CD can't be read in your laptop?

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1. Yes it does, with every disc that has to be install related. I have been trying to reinstall kaspersky and its doing the exact same thing.


2. Yes I did try to explore that disc as well and it did the same thing, so I think whatever disc I put into my drive that has to be installed it's gonna do the same thing.

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Hi Matthew,


I really don't know what's happening in your machine. I took the problem to the other gurus, and also to several other places I frequent, but everyone looked mystified and suggested that there was something wrong with your drive.


If you do an Internet search on your drive model there have been a number of reports of people having trouble with that type of drive, but nothing like what you report.


-when you double-click on the drive to install the software the disc spins briefly and then stops

-when you right-click on the drive and select to explore the disc, the drive ejects the disc


Now you said this ejection of the disc was happening with the Kaspersky disc and the Roxio one. Is it still happening to those two discs?

Does that NOT happen with the other software you have tried to install, that you said is working?




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If the disc can be read in your XP desktop, then it must be a valid disc.


If it can't be read in your laptop even after you log onto the disc through My Computer, then either your laptop drive is faulty or perhaps the disc is actually a DVD and your laptop has only a CD drive.


If you log onto the disc in XP, right-click and select 'properties' how big are the disc contents [more than 700 MB ??]


On your laptop if you go into Device Manager [right-click My Computer, select Properties, then go to Device Manager up near the top left] and click on the + next to the DVD/CD-Rom drives icon, the tree will expand to show you the ID strings for your drive(s) What does yours show, please ??




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[No need to quote all my post back to me - feels like there's an echo :) ]


So the disc can be read in your desktop, but not in your laptop. You have a DVD writer in the laptop so there's no built-in incompatibility. I'd be looking very hard at that DVD drive, can you read other discs in that drive?


How much data does the disc hold? Can you read other discs of the same type []CD or DVD] in the laptop drive?

What happens when you put the disc in this drive and try to read it in Windows Explorer? This is very puzzling.

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1. Not related to this.


2. The CD pops out ?? WTF ?? It shouldn't do that. Did you get this menu when you right-clicked on it? And it popped out when you clicked "Explore" ??



3. No, 80 GB is a small hard drive. A disc in your DVD drive will hold up to around 8.5 GB. Don't worry, the only reason I asked how much was on the disc was to see if it was a CD or a DVD.


4. So the disc works fine in two drives, but not in the third. Another CD won't work in the third. I would be looking hard at that DVD drive, except didn't you say in post #7 "1. It can read other discs any music cd or film dvd that I put in." ??


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Sorry grammer typo I hope you're not mad.. :(


No worries at all. Relax. I couldn't care less about grammar and stuff except where it gets confusing. We don't need people who will grump at the customers, we have a resident shrew already and don't need any more. :rolleyes:


Anyway, time to clarify about the drive please. Can you read other discs [CD or DVD] properly in that drive?

-If you can't, then I'm afraid there's something wrong with the drive.

-If you can, then I'm totally mystified. The Roxio disc must be okay since it works in other systems.





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hehe sorry,


1. It can read other discs any music cd or film dvd that I put in.


2. When I put the disc in, it loads a tiny bit and then stops completely.


3. How do I read the Roxio CD in Windows Explorer.


4. How do I look up on the information on how much the data can the cd drive hold?


Sorry I am such a clutz

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