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Converting Mp3 To The Audio Cd Format



Hi, Forum members. I am a newbie in the file conversion area.


I recently purchased a Sony CDClock Radio. I can play bought CD music or CD talking books but not MP3 files on this CD Clock Radio Sony model ICF-CD3iP. I want to convert the MP3 files to the Format I can play on the CD player. Is that the WAV file format?


Download these great MP3 files from the Australian ABC Radio Nation website.


Any suggestions.



Regards, argonaut1948


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It sounds as though your Player only uses Audio CDs (the manual will say that)


Then all you have to do is go into Creator Classic or Music Disc Creator(?) and select Audio CD project then add your files.


Note that Audio CDs are limited to 80 minutes of play time so that is all you can put on one.


All the conversions will be handled by the program to conform to the standards required by the type of project.


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