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Suggestions To Roxio For Creator 2009

John bunyan


A number of people (including me) have had great difficulty in installing Creator 2009. It is not helpful for GURUS to keep repeating the old "clean Install" mantra, it is very time consuming. Many of us need .NET Framework files for other applications, and the clash that seems to occur (as Creator includes .Net framework 3.5) is annoying especially if one follows MS updates such as SP1 to .Net Framework 3.5. Surely it would be simpler if Roxio merely instructed buyers to ensure their. NET Framework (3.5 with updates) were up to date, and to omit hem from installation discs? There could, I would have thought, be an installation menu on the disc - one for those without updated .Net Framework, and another for those without them. Also the installation disc should include software to remove earlier intallations of Roxio / Sonic such as Creator 10 rather than getting end users to go into complicated (for them) registry editing to remove them

The number of complainants on this and other fora on this subect is such that a good product is spoilt by poor tech support and the difficulty of installation by normal non tecnical end users.

I am trying to offer constructive criticism from an end user here.

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In the end a better installer would go a long way here!


Since the Creator 2009 install includes .NET 3.5 as well as its’ SP1 update maybe it would be better to recommend it be uninstalled for the very, very few users that actually ‘need’ it and retain it in the install for the vast majority who don’t have it?


But that goes back to the Installer – why not check for its’ (.NET 3.5 SP1) presence as well as the file it normally deletes and install as needed…


For now the Clean Install is what works in the majority of cases so it will be continued to top the list of suggestions.


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