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"video Copy & Convert" And "screen Adaptation"



I'm using the "Video Copy & Convert" component of Roxio Creator 2009 SP4 to convert videos to MPEG-4 files.


In the H.264/AVC profile, one of the options is "Screen Adaptation" and I can choose between "None", "Letterbox", "Stretch" and "Adaptive Scale". I have tried to convert just a small part of a video using each option, and I saw no difference in the output. So what are they for, and when should I use one or the other?

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Those choices apply in a VideoWave 4:3 project.


It sounds as though you selected a 16:9 project at which time they are completely ignored.


The options I mentioned have nothing to do with Videowave. The options are available as stated in "Video Copy & Convert". I'm inserting an image showing the "Options Summary" having the "Screen Adaptation" option.



When I click on the "Options" button you will see the following. So what difference do those options make?


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Somehow (before coffee?) missed the VCC part…


Same answer, they apply only to 4:3 source. AVCHD is 16:9 period! So as long as you are feeding it 16:9 source, nothing happens. But some may mix 4:3 source in there and it needs to know how you want to handle it.


If you have some 4:3 source around, try it out.

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