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Creator And Ms Office Annoyance



Hello everyone, new to the discussion forum...very interesting reading so far.


My issue is more an annoyance than a problem. First the background. I've used EZCD ver 7 for years mainly for audio projects and of course I've had various errors and problems from time to time. But the sw was basically working. My "annoyance" happens when I am using MS Office 2003 (up to date). If within WORD or EXCEL, I click "FILE -> OPEN" and the RIGHT CLICK on any folder or file, I get a popup dialog box entitled "Roxio Creator 2009" with the following dialog: "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Creator 2009". I click CANCEL, sometimes takes 2 clicks, the dialog box goes away and the file function proceeds normally. No Creator application is open when this occurs. This doesn't happen with any other program or application, only WORD and EXCEL.


Recently installed a new MB, reformatted HD's, clean install of XP-SP3. PC is running MUCH better now. During this process I purchased the download of Creator 2009, which installed fine (got the lost CD and DVD drive problem, but fixed that thanks to this forum!). Creator 2009 so far is running fine, with no errors yet.


However, I'm still getting the same annoyance and it's mind-boggling. I'm tempted to let the "configuration" go on, just to see what happens..but I always talk myself out of it.


Just curious, anyone else experienced this?

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