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Error In Executing File



I have reinstalled EMC10 to clear up a previous problem that appears to be corrected. I have updated EMC10 with the update manager in the help part of the program. I am running Vista ultimate. After updating I receive a dialogue box "Error in executing file. C:\Users etc with a bunch of letters and numbers ending with \DX9RedistsPatch.exe. Description: The operation completed successfully. The problem is that Update Manager still shows that the update needs to be installed. There are 2 updates and one, I downloaded, installs "Virtual Earth". How does Virtual Earth work with EMC10? The other is the error message after installation and being informed that I neeed to instal an update.

I have Version 1.0.044 with Build 100B44B,R03 installed.

I hope someone has an answer.




It seems as if no one has the answer, so:

I have uninstalled EMC10 and upgraded, after uninstalling EMC 10 (Clean Install), to Creataor 2009 Ultimate. I haven't had the opportunity to really try it. It looks good on the surface, with bells, bells and and many whistles. I didn't have any problem with the installation. It sure does take a long time to install the 2 DVD Disks. When I downloaded the update, through the Roxio Software Manager, I could not locate it on my computer. I clicked Download to my Download folder and it did not appear in my download folder. I then tried again and clicked install and it installed with almost the same message, in an error dialogue box, as I received above.

"Error in executing file


Description: The operation completed successfully"

The option to click OK.

I clicked OK.

All of the number are just a bunch of gobbily goop to me. I kind of figure it somehow went to, a Temporary Folder, something like never never land. Can anyone explain what all of those numbers mean?

I somehow, inadvertently, managed to install the update twice. I hope that doesn't create a problem. I found that in order to check your installation you have to click the "Software Manager" in your programs file and click "view your history" and click the arrow to open your download history. It seems you are unable to view your history when clicking updates from within the program. For your information I am running Windows Vista, Ultimate and it may look or work different on WindowsXP or other versions.

I am closing this topic and will try my luck with Creator 2009.



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