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Can You Add Mp3 Encoders Specifically Update With New Lame Version?



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I think Roxio uses LAME 3.96 am I wrong?


LAME is on 3.99 now



how can I get the new LAME?

Roxio doesn't have an update function to update codecs. That's something you can do on your own. It looks like the latest is 9/08 and you can get info and the latest release here.

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how do I do this?


You still haven't given a good explanation on why you want to do this. Perhaps it is time to contact LAME to see how this is done and what was changed from version to version. If you are a casual user of computers and not into tearing apart program code. I think you ought to forget this.


If you want a high quality, relatively inexpensive audio (only) handling application, download and run Goldwave. They have a free trial.


Do you have Creator 2009 or EMC 8? You posted the same question in EMC 8. Are you still on the VBR kick?


The LAME site lists 3.98.2 as the latest. Typically the program looks for the lame encoder in the systems file. You will like GoldWave since they tell you how to install the mp3 encoder and updates:


To install LAME: Caution only for GoldWave ! Try in Roxio at your own risk (better still don't worry about it)!


Download a copy of the LAME MP3 zip file.

Open the download to extract the lame_enc.dll file from the zip file. PKZIP or WinZip may be needed to extract the file.

Extract the lame_enc.dll file into the folder where you installed GoldWave, usually C:\Program Files\GoldWave, or copy it into the Windows System folder, usually Windows\System (Windows 98/ME) or Windows\System32 folder (Windows2000/XP).

A copy of the lame_enc.dll file must be in either the GoldWave folder or the Windows System folder for GoldWave to find it. Copying the zip file won't work. The zip file can be deleted after the lame_enc.dll file is extracted.

To save in MP3 format, use File | Save As and select the MPEG Audio (*.mp3) type and one of the listed MPEG attributes. Use bitrates of 128kbps or higher and a sampling rate of 44100Hz for high quality. If you get an error message, make sure that the lame_enc.dll file is installed in the correct folder.



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