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Iso Completes But Does Not Make A Viable Disk

Sol Rosenberg


I've created a 49 minute video in Videowave (I'm using Creator 2009). In my DVD, I add the videowave file, change the menu a bit, and then burn it, choosing software render, high quality, and interlaced. I always burn to ISO first as I'm making multiple disks. During the rendering process, the screen preview shows it is working fine, but then at between 50 and 70 % completed, it suddenly goes to 100% complete. I can burn the disk from the iso created, but the disk does not work. It also sometimes hangs at different spots during the rendering, forcing me to shut down the program.


Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?



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There is something in there that it is choking on…


As a test – from VW, Export As and make a mpg2 file from the VW project. Use that in MyDVD instead of the normal VW Project.



Hi Jim,


I did as you suggested, and at 92% complete, the export as mpg2 stopped due to an "unspecified error". I noticed in the preview towards the end that some of the frames were black.


Should I uninstall/reinstall or will that make me lose all my work? :unsure:

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Never seen an uninstall/reinstall fix anything with 2009…


I think I would try deleting the portion where is errors and rebuilding it.


The different percentages reflect the same spot the Overall Percentage of the Project is why they are different.


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