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(sigh) Problems With Installing.





I'm working on Windows XP with all the service packs up to date.


I recently purchased Easy VHS to DVD and have spent all day trying to install it. Now I consider myself pretty computer savvy, so I'm baffled as to how the program will not install correctly (and to be quite honest, furiously bitter at the program at this point).


First off, let me say that I was intentional to follow the instructions and check the FAQs so I know I'm not making any of the "frequent mistakes".


Here's what I did do though:


When I first tried to install it, my computer biffed a bit (as it does at times) and I ill-advisedly terminated the installation midway. Following that mistake, not seeing it my ADD/REMOVE programs list I continued the foolishness and simply deleted the files and tried to reinstall.


I have tried to reinstall it at least 5 times since and each time it claims a successful installation, but there are no desktop icons or executables to be found. None. Zilch. I have since uninstalled my later installations through the proper methods and attempted to reinstall it. Upon reinstalling it I have also attempted to repair it using the individual setup files found in the folders on the disc and the "repair" function in the ADD/REMOVE area of the control panel.


I am also a bit baffled as to why it takes at least 30 minutes to install it onto my computer when the entire Adobe Productivity Suite took only 12 minutes or so--but this is me venting after what feels like a wasted Sunday afternoon/evening.


Any thoughts or tips would be extremely appreciated!



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