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Dvd+rw Works Fine, But Dvd-r All Coasters



I am struggling with this one! I created a slideshow in Create Slideshow module, then sent it Videowave. There I added some movies and a few more songs to the fx layer (that's where the slide show module put some songs when I started). Sent that to MyDVD. Added an intro movie, and another song to the menu.


Then I burned it to a DVD+RW, which worked fine. Played on several DVD players. However, now I tried to burn to a DVD-R and keep getting errors.


I tried burning through the MyDVD menu. I tried creating a C2D image of the DVD+RW, and burned that to DVD-R -- coaster. I used the disc image from the original burn, loaded it in the Load Image module, and then used the Burn command from there with the ISO file -- coaster. I tried setting the burn speed to slower levels, and I tried changing some other settings for the memory cache and even overburn.


The project itself is not that big -- about 1.3GB, almost all photos but a few small mpg's from a still camera. Four or five mp3 songs. A standard menu from MyDVD. My DVD-R are HP lightscribe 16x, I've used them successfully before with other projects. I am thinking I will need to recreate the project, that maybe some element in it is not compatible or not savings correctly. The thing that is misleading me is that the DVD+RW works, and the image files work as well, even in emulation.


Any ideas are appreciated.

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